About the author

My name is Kevin Nicks and I am the creator of the Fastest Shed, a fully approved, road legal garden shed.

My journey has been an amazing one so far. To date, I have covered over 40,000 miles in my shed, set a Guinness world record, have been on TV, and have been all over the world many times.

During lockdown, many people were struggling, so I thought I would build something to try and inspire others to be creative, to take their minds off of the situation and bizarre times that we were in.

So I created the “Barrow of Speed,” a motorised wheelbarrow that has a top speed around 40mph. I also built this on zero budget just using up bits and pieces that I had laying around.

What an amazing machine it turned out to be, too.

Then I thought about the children. It just wasn’t right or fair for them to have to stay locked in at home, so I created “Freddie the Sheddie.”

A replica of the Fastest Shed, but as a character with a face, hands, etc. that’s based on an old mobility scooter, so not fast, making it safe for children to have a ride on and adults, too.

When the first children actually saw it, the smiles on their little faces was just a wonderful sight to see.

Being a creator of machines, I decided to sidestep my creativity and create this book.

I genuinely hope your children enjoy this story and it leads to many more.